With the raw attitude of Social Distortion and the catchy hooks of The Offspring, The Creepers are poised to be the next band to break out of Orange County California.
The Creepers are an arrow aimed in two directions at the same time, one at the past the other pointing to the future. Each member takes their wealth of knowledge of The OC genera of music and applies it with forward thinking and playing. “We have taken a familiar sound and added our life experiences making undeniable hooks and images within our music,” states guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Hocking.

The Creepers are comprised of three veteran musicians, which have worked with national and signed acts such as Edgar Winter, The Specials and Third Strike. Along with veteran producer and Oingo Boingo member John Avila at the helm of their new studio project The Creepers are ready to take their sound to the masses.
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  • Member Since: 2004
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Clean Clean

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