The Clyde Stubblefield Band provides that dose of classic r&b, blues, and funk you've been looking for. You can come and get it every Monday at The King Club - two groovy sets for only $5! Join the rest of the cool cats for Funky Monday and see what the fuss is ALL about.

Clyde Stubblefield

Clyde Stubblefield is perhaps best known to the world as the drummer on James Brown's "The Funky Drummer," the most sampled song in hip-hop. Millions of people have unknowingly shaken their booties to the beats he laid down decades ago, and inumerable drummers have been influenced by his style. Here in Madison, WI, we simply know him as Clyde, the grooviest cat you will ever meet.

The Clyde Stubblefield Band, in some form or another, has been holding court every Monday at The King Club for over 20 years (even before it was the King Club!). On a typical Funky Monday, you'll hear 2 sets of the best blues, soul and r&b in the Midwest. Drawing on countless years of experience and musical knowlege, The Clyde Stubblefield Band keeps the crowds dancing all night long with classic r&b hits, funky instrumentals, Motown chartoppers sung by the inimitable Charlie Brooks, and bluesy rockers from Carolynn Black.

Here's the current lineup: Clyde Stubblefield on drums and vocals, Steve Skaggs on keyboards, Dave Goplin on bass, Joe Wickham on guitar, Paula Soane on congas, Pete Nelson on trumpet, Bryan Husk on saxophones, Alex Leong on trombone, Charlie Brooks on vocals, and Carolynn Black on vocals.

Mondays have never been so much fun! Come see for yourself.

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