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Formed in the winter of 2013 in a cramped one bedroom apartment in Southeast Wisconsin, The Apollo Affair is an acoustic experience that redefines the expectations associated with the "singer-songwriter" genre. Comprised of guitarist Chris Shanafelt and vocalist and frontwoman Megan Mehl, the duo have been heating up the Midwest with their feverish music and aggressive performances. With 2 EP releases under their belt (sampler "3P" in 2013 and 6-track "FEVER" in 2014) and a darker, heavier full-length release on the way, The Apollo Affair possesses an undeniable drive that borderlines upon obsession.

Chris and Megan met in the fall of 2010 while both were studying classical music performance at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While Megan had no prior experience as a performer outside of a formal academic setting, Chris had been writing and playing since 2005. With 2 bands (punk and ska-based "Black Tie" and garage funk-rock "MV Classic and the Rollin' Gypsies") and a solo acoustic career under his belt, Chris brought a wealth of variety and experience to The Apollo Affair's songwriting. After some experimentation, Chris and Megan merged their musical backgrounds and creative visions to develop a sound that is both unique in its storytelling and poignant in its execution.

The two offer up a rapturous performance centered around their original music, while possessing a catalogue of thoughtfully chosen covers from the 1960's to today. As Chris frenetically punches away at his guitar, Megan's swaggering attitude and powerhouse vocals draw listeners in and seize their attention. The world in which The Apollo Affair's music exists comes to life with Chris's playing, establishing the moody atmosphere in which Megan's characters live. She croons, growls, belts, and screams into melodic lines that demonstrate her acumen for impassioned songwriting. The Apollo Affair aims to give listeners the uncompromising, scintillating energy of a full rock band within the nuanced context of an acoustic duo.

The Apollo Affair are currently booking and performing shows around the Midwest. They are also in the midst of putting together material for a new full-length album, which they hope to release in Spring of 2016.

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