Bad Politics, Prison Life, and Dance Music all in one Album. You have to hear it to believe it. I am very versatile in my writing style. It will make you think about what is going on in our society and what are we becoming accustom to in our way of Life.
Bankruptcy has an effect on Life on Mostly the Middle Class and Poor. All I have is my paper and my pen. I have to live paycheck to paycheck so when I come out with an Album believe me I spent most of my wages on it. It is truly my blood sweat and tears. My son and I spend a great amount of time, money and energy on our love of Music and Poetry. We want to make a difference in someone life by sharing our Hopes, Dreams, Downfalls, and Uplifting Moments in Time. May you appreciate all this work made for you by struggling Independent Artist like us.

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Hard Hitting Strong dramatized songs with Hip Hop and Rap Flavor served up with Jazz and Pop as Ice. The Streets in Illinois and Wisconsin can get turned up fast. You have to follow the Artist words like a Movie Script to get the full effect. Testimony
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