Ted Lehman was born on Long Island, a child of the 60's and 70's. His musical styles tend to run from Rock to blues to pop, country and folk. Ted has been writing and playing music for most of his life. His band "Pepperwood Greene" based out of Buffalo NY, was a vehicle for songwriters to produce their music. After leaving Buffalo Ted moved to Atlanta and, worked for a number of years writing and recording at home. With the advent of MP3 technology and the internet "I finally thought it was time to share all of my recordings both old and new on the web". Ted's music has been extremely well received by his musical peers and the public and has yielded almost 20 other independent artists to cover his songs. "After spending most of my life writing and recording music I find that I have a rather large archive of written and recorded material. I consider myself a songwriter first and performer and recording artist second." Ted is interested in other artists covering his songs. He is also int

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Here's an Awesome way to learn more about me and my music, check out my interview on the "Michael Stone, Music Spotlight"
Listen to 5 of my original songs/recordings and much more. If you are looking for great songs for your artists to cover, or to place in TV, Film, Advertising or Video Games, I'm your guy...
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