The music of Teddy Chazz? Think Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Billy Joel and Neil Diamond rolled into one!

If you like music with meaningful lyrics and smooth rhythms, you're going to love Teddy Chazz.

His music is a blend of mellow rock, pop and country and he is truly one of the most versatile artists of our time.

The theme of his Cd "That's What Love's About" is love...and contains songs about friendship, romance, communication...and of

This Cd tells the story of love, from love at first sight, (Angel of Love), to the altar of love, (A Choice I Freely Make (The Wedding Song)).

Love has many emotions and you'll find them all on "That's What Love's About."

As Teddy says, "love is a journey...not a destination."

So sit back...turn it up...and feel the love!

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Teddy Chazz is now on JANGO radio!

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author: Angel Davis / Sheheshe Music Services
Wow! ...I do love Angel of Love, it's a great opener! While I'm nuts about the entire album, there isn't one I don't like. I then have to go to Could This Be The One. A real butt kicker for sure! I gotta kick out of How Can I Miss You and it's a good novelty song...

...If This Is Prison is fantastic, but the ones that were the 'goose-bumpers' were A Choice I Freely Make, which is one of the prettiest songs I've heard and I believe will be used at more than one wedding!

I used to do publishing so I pay close attention to lyrics all the time. I love your writing!!! You have terrific lyrics. I can't find enough adjectives to even explain how impressed with your album.

...You have a beautiful and well controlled voice.

I am wowed by it! It's a great album.


This IS What Love's About!!!

author: Maryann Wohlwend.
From the opening door on Angel of Love, this is the only CD I have ever owned that is truly enjoyable all the way through!!! Teddy's velvet voice weaves a tapestry of the temptations, trials and triumphs we all experience in Love...his humor and honesty leave me uplifted every time! This IS What Love's About!!


Slice of life songs, very retro feel...different...diverse...surprising

author: Carol Perdew / Springbarrel Songwriter Services
When we sign a writer to represent we look for someone
who not only shows potential in honing their craft to perfection but also whose approach is honest and heartfelt.
We feel Teddy Chazz meets those requirements. Our picks from the cd are A CHOICE I FREELY MAKE, and DON'T ASK ME TO STAY TONIGHT.


A wonderful rollercoaster of emotions... love, happiness and hope!

author: Jamie Kiser
I first heard the CD through a friend of a friend and couldn't wait to get my own copy. It is a brilliant story about relationships. It begins with love at first sight and ends on the alter of love. I listen to it every day on my way to and from work. The soothing lyrics are priceless and the rhythm is out of this world!


Singer/songwriter Teddy Chazz, ( born August 13th, 1961 in Akron, Ohio), is best known for his unique style of classic mellow rock/pop songs about friendship, romance and love.

At the early age of 11 Teddy began guitar lessons and shortly thereafter began singing lessons. Having listened and grown up with such artist as Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Dean Martin as well as Grand Funk Railroad, Three Dog Night and Bob Seger, his music has been influenced by a wide genre of musicians.

Teddy is also an accomplished magician in both stage and sleight of hand magic. Throughout the late 70's and 80's, Teddy combined his love for magic and music by creating a comedy club act that he performed along the east coast from Florida to New York.

Because of his unique vocal range which covers 3 octives, and his ability to perform soft love ballads or more upbeat 'rock' tunes, Teddy has been called by some: "The Man With The Million Dollar Voice."

His classic writing style are songs with stronge lyrics and unique 'hooks' that grab and hold his listeners.

As musical reviewer J. Epstein wrote: "Teddy Chazz brings you back to when entertainers were entertainers."

TRIVIA: Teddy Chazz still plays the same Tama 12 string guitar he recieved as a gift from his father in 1974.

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Peter G Olach is pgo
over 30 days ago to Teddy Chazz

hey PENN - fun time listening to your work. yes, very Rat Pack - just a touch more attention to timing and intonation will do you wonders.

please keep on keepin' the faith and you just might find yourself playin' gigs on the Vegas strip. THX 4 Sharing!

Teddy Chazz
over 30 days ago to Teddy Chazz

Hey Guys...I just posted some of my tracks and would like to get some feedback...please let me know what u think.

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