TATIANA GRECIC (multi-genre composer / vocalist / pianist / songwriter)

Tatiana Grecic is a Co-owner of Core-Age Records & Publishing. She is currently promoting three acts for the label.

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Royal Gazette Bermuda
January 22, 2001
"Drama, discord and elegance underscore Tatiana's talent", page 20

Artists Global Network, May 2004

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Tatiana G. Dutoit, Ph.D.
Composer, pianist, singer / songwriter

Tatiana has been making music as long as she can remember. She started playing
piano at the age of four, singing at the age of nine, and composing at the age of ten. Her
first piece “Arabian Nights” was performed with choreography at the elementary school.
During her high school years, she won “ The 1981 October Prize in Composition “ for the city of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. She was admitted to the University of Arts in Belgrade in 1983, majoring in composition / theory and piano. She then completed her BFA in 1988. Very soon after graduation she received a letter from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, with an offer for a full scholarship. She successfully completed her Master’s Degree in 1992, majoring in Composition. Her pieces were performed in Yugoslavia and Pittsburgh at that time. “Weaving a Nightmare”, her piece for chamber orchestra, was performed at the Fulton Theatre in Pittsburgh. Her symphonic piece “Interstice” was performed by Carnegie-Mellon University Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh.

She continued her studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 1995, pursuing her Doctoral Degree in composition and theory. She studied composition with renowned composers such as: Leonardo Balada, Eric Moe, Matthew Rosenblum, Anne Le Baron, Paul Chihara and David Keberle. She also studied voice with Charlotte Black, and piano with Natasha Snitkovski and Hanna Li.

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