Tamara Grigsby is a Florida-based singer songwriter whose music blends the roots of country, blues, and folk into an Americana flavor. She is a member of an the band Shoofly as well as a member of the blues duo Willie Mae with her talented partner Andy Burke.

Latest News

Andy and I continue to work on our Willie Mae tunes. There will be a demo in the works soon along with a blues tour. Check out the newly uploaded Willie Mae tunes - Devil Be Gone and Trouble.

You can also find me at myspace music myspace.com/Tamara Grigsby

Singer / Songwriter

I was born in the North, but came to the South 6 months after I was born. The South continues to be a landscape that inspires the kind of music I write. For no other place has such imperfections, beauty, and strangeness. At age 16, I was in my first band. It was there that I began my affection for old timey country music. After a series of groups throughout school, I went to FSU where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. Later in life, I taught myself to play guitar so that I could combine my love for writing, singing, and creating music. My original music came out to be Americana. It's a mixture of old country, folk, and blues. Like the South, it's been a comfortable place to hang my hat.


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