I have great passion for music. Having grown up listening to some fabulous compositions, I now wish to make a humble contribution to it. I must confess, I do not have any formal training in music and have learnt by simply listening to it.

Being a graduate in mathematics and post graduate in computer science, I tend to draw similarities between music and mathematics. To me, a raga is a mathematical theorem. Just like a theorem is built upon statements, a raga is built on notes. There can be infinite compositions based on ragas just like there can be infinite sums based on a theorem. One can permute and combine the swaras in infinite ways to create beautiful and magical compositions.

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Got my latest soulful composition - Romantic Solitude recorded at StudioPros.com.
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Tim Dawson
over 30 days ago to Sunil Kumar Syal

Thanks for the review Sunil - I.ve always known music ewas mathematical, but you lost me in the ist sentence of your profile! :) Tim

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