“Drizzling piano and soft vocal intonations make Suzana sparkle beyond her years.” - SOUL SHINE MAGAZINE

Demand is high for new multicultural music by talented and fresh artists ... Suzana Da Camara is that and more! Her style of music is a unique blend of pop, smooth jazz, and bossa nova with songs in English, Portuguese and French.

In 2003 Suzana was featured on the jazz compilation CD released by Universal Music Canada " An Evening With Friends." Other artists include Norah Jones, Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett and Sheryl Crow. This was a great honor as Suzana was the only independent artist on the CD.

In 2004 Suzana returned to the studio under the guidance of legendary producer Jack Richardson.

Jack is best known for his influential work with the Guess Who, Bob Seger and Alice Cooper.

Jack produced Suzana's third self-titled album "SUZANA DA CAMARA" completed in 2005.
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