I love to entertain!!! When I see my audience having a great time, I'm happy. I did a lot of plays, usually in a lead dramatic role, having to cry every night on stage. One day I thought, why? And realized that singing would be more fun. And it is!!! And when people relate to my songs, I feel so filled in my soul. For a couple of blessed years now, I have been on tour for our highway troopers, the truck drivers of this country, playing with love musical notes on my guitar or piano, singing with my hopefully angelic voice, weaving a musical mist of Country, Cajun, Americana, Zydeco, Honky-Tonk and Blues in a combination of solid country traditionalism with neoteric sound just like a fine blend of Whiskey. I call it "Sweet Southern" music that fills the heart with romance and peace. I love all styles, but this American rooted mix,gives me my "comfort food." This year I plan to take my songs to a new level and perform with a pop chamber orchestra, record my next CD and do my TV show!

Latest News

Hello! This year is wild. I'm in the middle of last minute details on my forthcoming TV One Hour Reality show - The Susanne Spirit USA Road Show - where I will bring the world the life of our trucking industry, have different guests artists each week and meet a lot of new folks. This is also my third year of winning an ASCAP award. My CD Vows Of Love, is ready. I am going in the studio to record "Back Porch Tales" with my new Zydeco/Bluegrass song "I'm Getting Married in My Home Town!"


Life is precious! And dreams will happen if you work at what you want every day and take risks. Better to try something than do nothing! “Go for it” because life will go by anyway. And if you don’t do “it” you will stay where you are. I learned gymnastics just a few years ago. This little girl looked at me as I tried to do a back flip, and she said, You can make it!!! I know you can, I walk thru my fears for that young lady.

Susanne Spirit's theater background:
Some plays I have had lead roles in...
Moonshiner's jamboree
Boys from Syracuse
Music Man
Best little Whorehouse
Summer at Bluefish cove
Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe
Summer and smoke
Prime of Miss Jean Broady
No exit, A Musical
The children's hour
To market, to market
Leave it to Jane
Marat Sade
Some Films..
I'd rather be sorry
Jack and Jill
It's only make believe
Cry for love
Holy Cow

My professional Training...
MFA Film/Tv Training
MFA Dramatic acting and directing
Dramatic acting/ " Actor's Studio"
Conservatory acting study and directing
Dance for Theatre
Musical Theatre
Musical vocal Theatre
Musical vocal Techniques
Body movement
Individual Vocal Study
Dance and Sport's Studies...
Ice Skating
Ballet, Modern and Jazz
Go-Go Girl !
Musical Instruments I play...
Other Achievements...
2004/2005/2006/2007 Ascap plus award recipient
Awards received four years in a row for these professional production works:
Musical theatre events: Producing, Directing and Performing in productions put on at:
The Marriott and Radisson Hotels
Bicycle card Casino
City of Ontario
Promenade Mall and several private affairs
Against hundreds of candidates, I was chosen for assistant director to Michael Monteil, in a first class musical production, and the following season was cast as a lead actress in the acting company, starring in two repertory classical musical pieces.
Working with...
John Houseman, Jimmy Doolittle, Onna White
as a student at UCLA, I performed in several productions as a lead actress and during my course of study, each quarter for four years. I acted, created and produced "Noon Miracles" and several short films...
Short films

Musical theatre works?Cry For Love, Prisons, To Market-To Market, Love Broadway, etc.
I studied with the finest directors and musical and acting teachers including...
leaders in the Royal Shakespeare Company?New York/LA's "The Actor's Studio" teachers?and other conservatory theatre teachers such as :
Michael Hackett?Michael Gordon?Delia Salvi?Peter Sellers?Meg WIlbur?Tom Orth?Rene Gubernik?Norman Maney?Carol Weiss, etc.

Projects in development...
A film and play with a new musical score to be based on the novel, The Proud Breed, written by Celeste De Blasis.
A film and play with a new musical score of the Bertolt Brecht play, The Life of Galileo.
A film and play with a new musical score based on the novel, The Life of Clara Bow.
Documentaries as follows:?Life of a Highway Man" using CD, Love My Truck Driv'in Man as musical score.?Susanne Spirit, a music creator.
Digital Projects include:?Websites/ Radio Station/ Ecommerce
Record label Producing and Publishing RIghts for all Susanne Spirit Music.
Distribution for all Susanne Spirit and GIngerland Theatre Company merchandise.
Booking, Management, Sponsorshihp, and handling of Susanne Spirit and GIngerland Theatre Company.
Well, That's all for now folks . . . . .
have a beautiful day . . . . Susanne Spirit

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