NY's Kristina Supergenius has been named Electronic Musician's EM Pick, voted to Deli's Top 10, featured in soundtracks and won awards from Crossfader, among others. Original sounds infused with world-music tones and glitch-hop beats, smoothed over with acoustic instruments and spacey effects result in danceable Glitch-Hop, Ethno Electronic and Downtempo Chillout music.
She has played Burning Man, PEX Summer Music Festival, Queens Museum of Art, Williamsburg Art History Center, Japan Benefit 2011, Figment Festival, Disorient Compressor, Disorient Country Club, New Years Airport Party, Warper, Tonic, Knitting Factory, Rare/Baktun, Third Ward, Supreme Trading, Monkeytown, Decompression, Brooklyn warehouses and Time Out NY's best parties.
Albums: SuperGrecords.com, iTunes, Amazon, Last.FM, etc.
Compared to: Boards of Canada, Fourtet, Amon Tobin, Trentemoller, Massive Attack, Thievery Corp., Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin, Sneaker Pimps, Funky Porcini, UNKLE, DJ Shadow

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- #1 song in Trip Hop Chart
- 2 songs in Top 10 charts
- New Release Coming Soon
- Previous Releases avail. on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Last.FM, SuperGeniusRecords.com
- Recent Gigs:
Listen to full catalog here: http://www.last.fm/music/Kristina+Supergenius
- Warper Party
- Disorient Country Club Festival
- Figment Festival
- PEX Summer Music Festival
- Williamsburg Art Historical Center
- Benefit for Japan Earthquake Relief
- Airport NYE

Kristina Supergenius

Kristina Supergenius has been playing Electroexperimental Chillout music in NYC since 1998, playing venues such as Knitting Factory, Tonic, Monkeytown, Supreme Trading, Decompression, Brooklyn warehouse parties and Burningman. Kristina Supergenius has been Electronic Musician's EM Pick, has had her music in soundtracks and has won awards from Crossfader, among others. Her signature sound is glitch-hop beats over obscure ethnographic sound sources, smoothed over with spacey psychedelic effects and acoustic tones. The result is danceable Ethno-Electronic music and Downtempo Chillout with otherworldly overtones.

Her latest album "Remain Seated and Wait for Further Instructions" is available on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, DJDownload, etc. and previous albums are available on SuperGeniusRecords.com .

Contact info: Kristina (at) supergeniusrecords.com


2 songs by Kristina Supergenius in the Trip Hop charts, last I checked one of them was #1

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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