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Jan. 21-Feb. 3, 2003
A tropical breeze of Cubano, calypso and reggae wafts through the work of this artist, whose material conjures up a night out at a Key Largo beach club. Very Competent vocals and solid backup musicianship ("Olivia", "I Still Love You"). The vibrant tune "I Start to Wonder" invokes the sensual anticipation of island nightlife.

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Jose Behar is the lead singer and songwriter of the new CD release," Songs of Life." Jose came to the United States from Cuba in 1960 at the age of ten. Instead of falling into the Latin scene, he was caught up in the "hippie era" and his idol was Jimi Hendrix. He was also influenced by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream and Traffic, among others. Eric Burden of the Animals was a favorite vocalist and influenced his singing style just as the others helped influence his writing. Jose says, "I am a product of the "Love and Peace" Woodstock era and my music has its roots there, but it has continued to expand and grow in depth."


Vince Lauria influences: Russell Garcia, Joe Pass, Ted Green, John Lennon, Debussy,
Bernard Hermann, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, Bach, Wes Montgomery, Christopher Parking.


Vince Lauria - song writer, musician, producer, arranger and published author.
Vince is a well rounded composer with an extensive knowledge of both new and traditional musical themes.
A winner of the prestigious “Cleo Award” he composed the winning melody for the “Made in the Shade” jeans commercial.
As a music teacher for fifteen years Vince transcribed thousands of pieces of music
which he draws upon for inspiration.
His music instructional system has been used at “ Berklee School of Music” in Boston. Vince was a staff instructor at “Grove School of Music” in Los Angeles California where he was also a technical advisor for “Guitar World Magazine” the largest guitar magazine in the world. Author of over twenty guitar instructional guitar books, session recordings, live performances, appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Walt Disney and public television.

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