Classicaly trained in piano at an early age, Steve eventually learned how to write songs using synthesizers and computers. By the age of 12, Steve had his first band doing cover songs of Depeche Mode and other synth-pop heroes and soon moved on to bigger and better things. In high school, he teamed up with several musicians to form a band named "Belief" along with Keith Milo (now a member of Cause and Effect). Belief had it's own style blending synth-pop, industrial, and alternative. But, when Steve decided to attend college in lieu of pursuing a music career, the band split.

After many years of college and graduate school, Steve finally settled into his home studio to get back to work on music he's been wanting to write for several years--a unique style of music that incorporates elements of dance music, downtempo, 80's synth-pop, and old-school brit-rock.

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A three-track EP entitled "Almost There" will be released on iTunes in December 2007.
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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