One group should come to mind when you are looking for music to hit you harder, faster, and smoother then any other Hip Hop and R&B group out there, that group is the StealthBomass. A collaborative team that began in 2004, StealthBomass features the talents of Lee Cartel and SharpShooter, a duo that takes command over there lyrics to produce a unique, stand-alone blend of Hip Hop and R&B music. Their street and commercial appeal are distinctly influenced by the likes of the Fugees, the Roots, Run DMC and EPMD. In 2005 the StealthBomass released their first album titled “Mass Appeal.” The future plans for the StealthBomass are to continue their hard work and dedication to achieving their goal of becoming the next multi-platinum selling Hip Hop and R&B cross over artists.

Lee Cartel Bio

Lee Cartel a.k.a Young Glaciers was born June 11, 1984 as Leonardo Martinez in Lowell, Mass. He started rapping at 8 years old. Lee Cartels’ inspiration is fostered by his two older brothers who, at one point, had their own group named the “MF.” They gave the initial momentum to start and Lee Cartel has been hitting it hard ever since. Traces of his early influences include Notorious B.I.G., 2 Pac, Nas and Jay Z, and are heard at the gut of his unique sound.

SharpShooter BIo

Sharpshooter a.k.a. Mr. Puerto Rico was born August 14, 1978 as Leopoldo Hiraldo in Bronx, NY. Like Lee Cartel, he started rapping early at the age of 14 and hasn't looked back. His early influences include the Latino Hip Hop artist Big Pun, the Hip Hop/Jazz style of Guru (Ganstarr), the accessible pop style of LL Cool J, and the political and socially conscious raps of KRS- ONE. These influences helped to provide the founding base of his own independent voice.

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