The Minneapolis trio STATE4 claims to be a blend of electronica and rock presented with a trip-hop vibe.

What you're actually hearing is what happens when real songwriters take on a notoriously shallow genre, like dance music.

STATE4 is sensual and sassy, inspiring and interesting, fun and fascinating, dark and direct.

Laura's vocals easily bounce between the subtle black licorice of a pulpy sex queen and the butterscotch bright of a "normal girl" smitten. Behind her we hear a complex synthesis of kinetic, driving beats and brooding atmospheric melodies.

Their album "Less than Happy" is deep, endearing and approachable. With a stage show filled with a passion the Minneapolis scene may have forgotten, STATE4 seem readily poised to take over.

- Chris Meger, WAX 1.3

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Although it is hip to simply say that a band’s music defies any real genre classification, with STATE4 the statement is unavoidable – and unavoidably true. The STATE4 sound borrows from a frighteningly diverse range of styles, some of which almost seem in direct opposition to one another. A synthetic beat electronic sound that draws heavily from the instrumental rock figureheads of the late 80’s. An artistic and indie vibe of music with heavy influences from “poppiest” of pop vocals. A very contemporary style of computerized composition that draws in the sounds of classical and world music. The only way to really understand the music of STATE4 it is to listen to it.

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