STARDIVINITY (Phil Swain) is a Kingston, Ontario, Canada based electronica DJ and producer with a driving beat and aggressively risky mixing techniques in a town better known for its laid back house style as well as the many country and mainstream music that is played at many clubs. For over ten years I have brought a vigorous style and experimental value to my music for people to enjoy.

STARDIVINITY has been a work in progress since 2004. I have been producing since the start of high school, learning how to use various DAW's such as Protools, FL Studio, and Abelton. I first started getting into creating Hip-Hop and R&B tracks and slowly made my way to various forms of electronica music.

Though known primarily for his pioneering experimenting in the trance/house scene, StarDivinity's style is now a mix of everything: 'trance, house, techno - it's the best of all that the dance world has to offer. In 2007, I was really a trance DJ, but now different influences have seeped in and I play a bit of everything. I think the only way forward for DJs now is to play a diverse mix of sounds. His productions, sets, and releases range from peak time club heaven to the sort of perfect chill out and have at times owed as much influence to classical music as to dance.

I eventually had enough tracks that I decided to create albums to sale and just to allow others to hear my music. I created to name PSYCHEDELIC SYNESTHESIA and used it until 2008 when I decided to change my name to STARDIVINITY.

My CD releases include Local Anesthetic (2006), Painted World (2006-2007), Various Hiphop vol 1 (2008), StarDivinity Self-titled (2008-2009). StarDivinity's most recent release, "Freedom of Flight"

The future for StarDivinity promises yet further success, both as the solo artist he's become and the DJ we know him to be. 'Another album, more remixes, and much much more are coming' he agrees, 'but it's hard to look too far into the future. Every couple of months it seems that something new, unexpected and exciting is happening!'

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