Welcome and thank you for spending a few minutes of your day on my site. I hope you will take the time and listen to a few tracks and get a cross section of my music that has evolved over the last 25 years. If I may suggest a tour , I would start with "Too Late " and then move to
" Fooling". Then finish with "Funky Juice". That would represent a nice slice.
Encore ? I'm thinking "Crank it".

My Story

Welcome to my Broadjam profile page and thank you for visiting. My life and the lives of my friends and family are woven into the words and music that I have written over the last 30 years. Like music does for all of us, it brings us back to that place when we first heard it and for the artist the first time he or she lived it. Many times for me I gained the gift of a song because I was really listening to what someone was saying. I don?t really mean the content of the story so much as the words they choose to verbalize the story. For example take the song Volume. A close friend of mine spoke of a girl he met. He was instantly attracted to her and he said to me ? the volume was set on high ?. What he meant of course was that the sparks where flying. VOLUME. Give it a listen and see if they hooked up. Some of the songs like Too Late and Drive me Crazy where recorded by 80?s band FACTOR VIII. They have that big hair era sound and they have a fun live feel. Catchy stuff. If you like the band THE CARR?s then you will like ?You Drive Me Crazy. I?m still waiting for The Carrs legal department to call me with a Cease and Disist order so enjoy it while you can. Some of my songs that I am most proud of are instrumentals. Blue Jam, Parsons, Cohead , Boston and Police. I could have named these songs with better names but as I?m writing the songs I have to name them something, so I think well, it does sound a little bit like Alan Parsons or like Boston or the Police. From that point they just kinda stick. Most of what you hear on the majority of the tracks is me playing all the parts. With the help of Protools, which is a digital studio software set up, an artist can sift through the best performances and hand pick only the very best. I very wise person once told me ?you only get one chance to make a first impression?. I hope I leave you with a good one. Thanks again for the opportunity to entertain you . If you like what you hear please share it with a friend. There is no better feeling than someone appreciating your work. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.
Thanks Dave

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