The Americana Gazette is a 36 page Americana based roots magazine. We cover local and national artists. Check us out for CD reviews as well.

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Andy Ziehli, Senior Editor: 608.558.8131

Joyce Ziehli, Publisher: 608.558.8132

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Robert Hoffman
James Smith
Celia Carr
Frye Galliard
Anne Gravel Sullivan
David Heuss
Rick Harris
Travis Cooper
Steve Morley
Bobby Westfall

Latest News

The Americana Gazette is currently making some changes. We will continue to be a 36 page magazine, but will be an online publication only. We are switching to a quarterly magazine with the next edition coming out on line by July 1st, 2013. Issues will be July/Aug/Sept; Oct/Nov/Dec; Jan/Feb/Mar; & Apr/May/Jun.

Feature story will be on Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, amazing songwriters and performers for the next issue!

Welcome to Sugar River Productio

Sugar River Studio is a small, comfortable, vintage studio with an artist driven vibe. We specialize in demo recording but also have experience in recording and mixing CD's, pod casts and advertising media. In addition to our studio experience we also as a production company have released music projects including the Bamfest 2007 Blues Album. Sugar River Studio specializes in recording Americana music, folk, country and blues. If you would like more information about our organization or any of our services please contact Andy Ziehli, Owner and Senior Editor @ or at 608 558 8131.

Sugar River Studios is a 24 track digital recording studio in Belleville, WI. We have a large selection of microphones, digital and analog effects, vintage amps, keyboards, preamps and guitars. We are also Protools LE equipped.

Our 2010 rates are:

$40/hr or we have special packages put together that range from $400 - $2,250. We are open 6 days /wk , Call for more information 608-424-6300 or email @


Warner Hodges and Dan Baird have held a concert at the Sugar River Studies. Other Nashville performers at the studio include, Fats Kaplan and Kristi Rose, Eric Brace, Peter Cooper and Phil Lee and Tom Mason!!!

VARIOUS: BamFest 2007

  • Member Since: 2008


Action Guitars has the new Bluefields Cd - Ramshackle for sale for $10.00 each. Contact Andy or Joyce Ziehli at 608-424-1233.

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Stop by Action Guitars in Belleville, WI for some equipment, repairs or enjoy some coffee and chit chat!

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