Spinning Plates is an electro-improvisational music project.

Spinning Plates' sound is eclectic and evolving; from chilled-out ethereal soundscapes to funky experimental grooves. SP begins each piece with a clean slate, improvising, looping, remixing, layering sound on sound, resulting in a unique sonic design every time.

All of the music on this website was recorded live, no post-production,


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Spinning Plates Prides Itself on Improvisation
By Beth Cooney
Staff Writer

September 2, 2007

Describing the music of Spinning Plates, is like describing a kinetic sculpture. No one is going to see it -- or in this band's case, hear it -- exactly the same way.

Even for members of the novel quartet, who deliberately never play the same song twice, branding their always-original music eludes them. Is it jazz fusion?

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What is Spinning Plates?

Spinning Plates is a collective improvisation project. The duo of Chris Mariner & Tracey Kroll begins each piece with a small impulse, then proceeds by recording/looping their output and remixing it on-the-fly; the audience bears witness to the creative process from beginning to end. The sound is deep, vast, groovy, and never the same twice!

Chris Mariner: (guitar/keys) is a professional musician and teacher. He plays in a variety of jazz groups and is one of the founding members of Spinning Plates.

Tracey Kroll: (eDrums/samples) is one of the founding members of Spinning Plates and a professional photographer.

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