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hey this is the so sick klique we are working hard with this music trying to get it out toget a record deal if you can help please contact us thanks so sick klique


My name is Preston Myers, born on October 2, 1990, to Paulette Myers and the late Robert Simmons. I graduated from Lincoln High School in Mcclellanville, S.C. I am currently attending Francis Marion University in Florence S.C. where I am majoring in Business Administration/Marketing and have been on the Dean's List all semesters. Since the age of twelve years old music was something that I took interest in. As time went by, my interest began to exceed all other hobbies, so I began dedicating my free time to music; along with some other children out of the community. We began to make music together and formed a group by the name of "So Sick Klique." My stage name became "Yung P" (The Beast). As we grew older we grew apart, but my interest for music never stopped, because music is what I love to do. Although the original members of my group aren't present at all of my musical events, I still get the opportunity to perform with them occasionally.

Throughout my years as an inspired artist, I have written and sung many songs, as well as produced the beats for them. Currently, I have grown nationwide in music. I have performed at various functions, such as an elementary school function, called May Day and a talent show where I performed for Slip and Slide Records in Columbia, South Carolina. This one particular song that I composed by the name of "Crank That Merry Go" was published on Myspace and it has over one million plays. I enjoy helping others make music within my spare time. I am willing to be the hardest worker in the music industry because I have what it takes to be the greatest.

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so sick klique
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thanks glad to to no you feeling us check out more music at stay in touch baby and spread the word thanks so sick klique

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hi, hope you make me a connection. to celebrate my first year on broadjam and the opening of my new studio(check out the pics) i am offering two songs fully Mastered for FREE in wav and mp3 format. if you are interested, just get back to me and I will give you more details. so far over 20 broadjam members have taken me up on my offer in the past week

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