Sora is a World/Celtic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose soaring voice and poetic lyrics have garnered her international acclaim. She is known for her engaging stories, both mythic and modern and her haunting transcendent voice. Sora's 3rd studio album, Scorpion Moon (2013) charted on community radio across North America and was nominated for a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award.


Sora is a World/Celtic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose soaring voice and poetic lyrics have garnered her international acclaim.  She is known for her engaging stories, both mythic and modern and her haunting transcendent voice.  

Sora's 3rd studio album, Scorpion Moon (2013) charted on community radio stations across North America and was nominated for a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award in the Solo World Artist category. In addition to Scorpion Moon, Sora has released 3 previous recordings, Winds of Change (traditional folk songs from the British Isles), Light (a 4 song EP) and Heartwood (a top 20 album on the International Zone Music Reporter Chart).

As a performer, Sora's crystalline voice, unusual instrumentation and penchant for threading stories and narratives through her live performance make her a sought after commodity. She has performed at numerous festivals (Pembina River Nights, Come by the Hills Folk Festival, Lilac Festival, Water Valley Celtic Music Festival, IGNITE Theatre Festival), showcases (2013 CFMA nominee showcase) as well as in concert series (Musica Speciale, Mask & the Muse) and has been the feature performer for dozens of solo and collaborative concerts.

From her lyrics that read as poetry, to her ability to breath life into even the oldest stories to her otherworldly voice, this much is clear: you have never heard anything like Sora.

"...Sora is clearly influenced by her surroundings, and the sights and sounds of the natural world shine through in her carefully-produced sensual music" Mark Weber, Red Deer Express

"Some musicians are performers and some are true artists. It seems clear from every detail of "Heartwood" that Sora belongs in the latter category" Catherine L. Tully, Celtic MP3 Magazine

"Once you hear Sora's voice, you'll be converted. She's got the kind of voice that you can't help but listen to. There really isn't a word that sufficiently does it justice; beautiful, stunning, remarkable, none of those seem to fit the bill. - Mossip

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over 30 days ago to Sora

What a wonderfully hypnotic voice. My goodness... So much talent. What a sincere pleasure it was to preview your performance on Hold.

I think I may have to spend some time here. Hope you're still producing work. I'd feel blessed to have such talents in my own studio, I may cry if I were to find you've given it up after your successes in life.

(Smiles warmly.) Regardless, thank you so much for being a member and posting your work, it is appreciated.


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over 30 days ago

Thanks N,

I am glad you enjoyed my music. I am still writing and am actually just starting a recording project, so I am still making music albeit more slowly than I would like.

What kind of music do you work on?


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over 30 days ago

I am a Soundtrack Composer that occasionally produces artists like yourself. I try not to limit myself to film being I love album formats all the same.

I'm actually building a network of vocalist to work with still. I do have a few on my profile, but surely, my skills are in composing and sound design.

I'm like to go between melodic & beautiful while creating tension & dramatic movements alike. I don't quite conform to many genres of production.

My first track should tell you everything you need to know:)

If you ever feel compelled to collaborate, perhaps "expedite" some of that music making beyond your current plate, I'd love to have you some time.

Do you have your own studio? Slow production can sometimes mean you're relying on others. If so... That would be a shame.

Voice like yours should be recording in the shower (smiles.) Never mind the rest of the day. Double recording because the electrical sockets are safe:)

I jest. But your voice... That range is phenomenal. Just out of curiosity... What kind of projects would you be willing to record to if another producer provided you with the beds? What kind of styles would you gravitate to?

Before I was known for my soundtracks... I was known for my piano solos and EDM stuff. I'd love to have access to your skill set.

I could offer fair splits in licensing syncs in exchange for your performances. I think I could place you a lot with the right projects.

I also like to have more vocalist that could potentially take a gig in fast turn around conditions. Can't really pay people on average, but it does happen when deadlines show up (smiles.)

Regardless of your thoughts and feelings on collaboration with strangers (smiles,) I hope you swing by, feel out some work.


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over 30 days ago

Pardon any typos... Grammar was never my best skill:)

Thanks again for sharing your work!!!


over 30 days ago

I am always up for collaboration and love working with new people. I especially love working with people who don't conform to any one genre. I feel as though my music is like that as well, and I like interesting juxtapositions of sound and subversion of genre :)

I do not have my own studio. I do record demos in my house with my limited skills and equipment. I have protools but can only use it very basically and just record in my living room with a Shure.

The slow production has actually been because of a separation and divorce from my ex-husband. It meant a large shift in my life in which I needed to get a regular job and just try to keep my head above water. That has then meant less time for music, and a loss of momentum from my last release. My last album was released a month after my separation. Not a great career move ~laugh~!

So my limitations have been time...and mostly finances. I just can't afford the studio time that I could before.

Saying that, I just started a recording project with a friend of's going to be a full album, but we just started a couple of weeks ago.

As for what I am interested in....I am pretty open actually. I mean, my voice is what it is, but I would be very happy to use it for all different types of music. I love a strong female voice in different applications.

My other skills...I can play piano adequately and violin fairly basically.

So...I would love to work with you...although I do live on the other side of the world :)


over 30 days ago

P.S. My email is if you want to converse over email and my phone number is 403-467-6168

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over 30 days ago

Internet has solved all of my collaboration issues. That's why I've opted to spend the time on Broadjam I have.

I find most of my clients and collaborators here. The film stuff and network stuff is separate. Those guys want what they want and thats when the pay usually comes. Credit isn't always an option, but the buyouts spend the same you know? Just gotta be cool kissing it goodbye.

I don't that often though. I try to keep my collaborators engaged and happy with equal splits.

Pro-tools is perfect. SM58 and 57 were my first mics. They rule. Durable. I have cool EQ's that do stuff. I can make a SM57 or 58 sound pretty good.

I just did a soundtrack called "Ultra Low."

I was talking with an unexclusive publisher about turning a few of the cues in that soundtrack into "actual songs" with a good radio format.

It seems to me that your gear is limited but your talents are not.

If you ever find yourself gravitating to any of the productions on my page... Let me know.

I'm super crushed with a few projects at the moment, likely clear into Jan, but if you wanted to give a test collab a try to something you'd write for one of my beds, I could most certainly make the time to engineer that into a mix.


I've got a gold mine of stuff you may like. I can't promise anything. A few tracks have scared the neighbours once or twice, but there are some good beds in there prime for album work as is.

Let me know.


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over 30 days ago

Regarding the break up...

I get it. I've lost three studios to bad breaks through life. Two of them were literally my first wife. Just didn't wanna give up you know? Turns out... It was for the best.

Last time I went through that was with an alcoholic and verbally abusive partner. She had her good traits, she did, spent a goof two years with that one just killing time.

Stopped producing after her too. Kept the studio... Lost the love.

Life is a crazy winding road of mystery and wonder. Heart ache and recovery.

Music heals.

I think you'll be perfect for such tasks. The question is what kind of projects to pair you with.

For the record... I had to walk away from that last woman.

I realised... The door to the world I want will never be found if I spend too much time in the wrong room.

I set myself to focusing on me until I found the woman who'd eventually give me three children and fill my life with more music than I think I can handle some days (says with a glowing smile.)

Life is winding road. Just gotta be open to taking a corner every now and then:)


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over 30 days ago

Gosh... I'm previewing Moving On right now and this is brilliant.

I got a track n my top five called "stepping away from the ledge."

It's yours if you want it.


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over 30 days ago

Another one you may be interested in is Zcentuated Harmony.

If you want something with pre-established lyrical content... I've got a couple to choose from there too.


over 30 days ago


Sorry yesterday got away from me. I would be happy to try working something out for Stepping Away from the Ledge. Are you looking for vocals with lyrics or without? Do you have a chord chart? What would you say the main theme or story is present in this music; what would you want the main theme of lyrics to be (if that is what you are looking for)?

Thanks for sharing about the journey you took to find your wife :) I am single at the moment...I do have kids though (4 of them) :) Relationships can be difficult when they are not right, I do know that very well.

Anyway, let's chat about Stepping away from the ledge and see what can happen :)


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over 30 days ago

I was recovering from the loss of my last partner... and the one before that... and the one before that... and the one before that...

And I just couldn't believe that something good could ever happen for me. I had given up. I was trying to drink myself to death for a while...

My wife saved me from all that.

And when she gave me a son... my own son, something no woman had ever attempted with me before the age of 36... I realised that for the first time in my life, someone believed in me.

I realised I wouldn't be abandoned... but I still knew fear.

That song is about overcoming your self hatred, your feelings of "not deserving happiness," finding a reason to live even...

That reason was my family.

My family gave me a reason... To step away from the ledge.


ps. I can pack up the MIDI the next time I do bounces. I'll have to look for that one. It's an older performance.

Will you be able to perform without that information right away? I can certainly have you a transmit shortly if so.

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over 30 days ago

Check your email, we'll move this one to a private channel.


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