I would like to introduce James, Lane, and Doyle. The three have been musicians for over twenty years. They have analog and digital professional recording equipment available for use on a regular basis. They have the skills to accomplish what it takes to get a great sounding demo. Some of the equipment they utilize includes Otari recording machines, Focusrite preamps,and Digidesign Protools. Their experience with Protools is as extensive as their analog recording knowledge. Some of their accomplishments are:Certificate of Tech. in Audio Engineering, Sr. Engineer at a popular studio in Houston, professional projects performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered for CD's or cassettes, forwarded material to song industry leaders, and various studies to maintain and further their skill level in songwriting and recording. Their desire to learn more skills with their talents is matched only by their resolve to see all projects through with excellent results. BMI

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NAME CHANGE ! Artist name Hitmakers has decided to use a more fitting name of Song Slayers. We know what your thinking, no not song slayers as in decimating or killing songs although we have done that from time to time. We like definition 2 in Merriam-Websters : 2: to delight or amuse immensely Keep this in mind as you listen, it's all good... music is a celebration.


ArchLord II
over 30 days ago to Song Slayers

hi there :)
we have a great song here now...
and, hey...
there's TWO of us now...!!!

anyway, we hope you enjoy our all-original music
which we created
and which we sell
which we are allowed to do
until a lawyer stops us
until then, we hide the cash
we dont give receipts, we dont keep books.
we can say we only sold three copies.

then, we say "we're sorry, judge, really"
then, we smile :)
then, we tell the judge that we'll pay damages of...

so, go have a quick listen, you'll enjoy it..!!

over 30 days ago to Song Slayers

Thanks so much for that most excellent review of. ' Build Y'all '. Only the best & keep the good music comin', Peace my friend.

Matthew Stemme
over 30 days ago to Song Slayers

Thanks for making the effort to review She's on her own. Much appreciated.

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