Latin Lover

Story Behind The Song

In 2005, I traveled with four friends to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay for a two week holiday. As all were music lovers, we sought out the music of each region. A century old samba club in Rio, Sunday evening street tango in Buenos Aires, and a club fiest

Song Length 4:22 Genre Latin - Rock, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists The Eagles, Santana


We make decisions every day
How could I know that I'd be very far away?
In my head - I was on a Spanish island
In a red chair, looking out to sea
Oh - oh, the clouds are so beautiful
And the bright sky is wonderful to see.

Lovely seniorita, In a long white dress, whispering to me
Oh my hero, my handsome hero
How could she know that I was the villain to be?
Oh - oh, her mother told her
Don't trust the gringo because he'll leave
You in heartache, and he;ll lie
And you'll be very, very lucky not to die.

I see the children, playing in the street
And I'm walking to a very strange beat
Oh my darling, my Latin lover
My tears are falling, and I'm crying and I'm weak
Oh - oh, the clouds were so beautiful
And the bright sky was wonderful to see
Oh my darling, my Latin lover
I was too dangerous to meet.

Lyrics Woody Moran Music Woody Moran
Producer Woody Moran & Calvin Banks Publisher copyright 2007 Woody Moran
Performance Woody Moran - acoustic guitars & vocals; Jamez - bass; Koorosh Daryaie - percussion & drum programming; Sean Erickson - nylon-string & electric guitar

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