Story Behind The Song

Started out with Ronnie's original beat LOST BOY about the Lost Boys of Sudan by Faraje and Ronnie, then the beat was changed by Be Black in the Winding Road Ghana (Korfidua, Ghana) Studio. We think this is a very important song, and on top of everything else, an excellent non-violent revolutionary song.

Song Description

Universal feeling today.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Rap - Alternative, World - African
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Mood Annoyed, Depressing
Subject Evolution, Justice Language English
Era 2000 and later


Yeah !Its pain right here,starvation,Poverty thats what am talking about ,HIV still multiplying in Africa,people dying every second of malaria,we need a change ,we need a revolution,we get to make change...Winding road Music...Beblack

Rap 1.
Is a ghetto when see child abuse still mutiplying
Is a ghetto when i find myself still crying
Corruption,startvation is that what we trade in?
Politicians still killing,still bribing it,why? i ask myself everytime i cry
On the west what i find is War
on the East what i feel is Odd
South is Hiv On the North is sad
Is like Hell right here on mother Africa,
We bless with Gold and Bling with Diamond
A good land to grow!!!

Is a Ghetto this life we are living is Ghetto
I dont know where to go am sick and tired ooo NO! ooo NO!!

verse 2 singing:
I was walking on the subway when i met a little girl(when i met a little girl)
I ask where is mummie(mummie is already gone)
oo No
Daddie is no where to lean on
She engage in Prostitution just for a living(just for a living)
She get no love she get no trust(life is soo bad that she curse her stars)
She get no love she get no trust
All she want is the money to feed her family...

Rap 2:
Is it a brain drain or maybe some kind of bad politician
I ask myself one question and the answer is Revolution
I close my eyes and pray to God
Our Father who art in Heaven ,thine kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is heaven
we need some kind revolution right here
Not in heaven where we never there
i ask myself why we need a change,why Politicians killing,they taking all of our money(how?)
some kind of buying houses in each others half,no good good education
Whe i close my eyes people dying of malaria every second every minute why? why?
We need a Revolution right here thats what am talking.)2x

Is Ghetto !the world we living is a Ghetto......
Is a Ghetto.......Is Ghetto this lief we are living is ghetto ooooo....

Is a Ghetto this life we are living is Ghetto
I dont know where to go am sick and tired ooo NO! ooo NO!!

Lyrics Be Black Music Winding Road Music
Producer Ronnie Winding Road Music Publisher Winding Road Faraje Music
Performance Be Black Label Faraje Records
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