In My Bed Twave

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, R & B - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Last night, I had you in my bed.
And the feeling was so right.
I can't forget those things you said
as I turned out the light.
I heard you say, "uhhh-ahhh"
I heard you go, "Uhhh--ohhhh Baby..."

Don't think I'm gonna make it home tonight.

As I helped you outa your bra,
Oh Baby, what I saw...
were the angels thrust down on me.
Last night I was in Heaven, last night.
Wrapped up in my warm embrace,
Baby In my bed.
Smilin at me with the love on your face.
Last night holdin on to a wonderful feelin
In my bed.

Here it is another day, another day
and I'm really not myself.
Still wrapped up in our warm embrace,
Staring at the pictures of you on my shelf.

I'm thinkin you're uhhh--ahhh you're lookin really good.
Don't think I'm gonna make my shift tonight.
Wanna run my fingers through your hair.
Kiss your body everywhere.

As the angels rain down on me again.
Last night. You. Wrapped up in my warm embrace
in my bed.
Last night, you, holdin on to a wonderful feelin.
In my bed--you're so beautiful.
Don't ever want to lose your love.
If I did I'll lose my head.
All your huggin and kissing
Don't ever want to lose your love.

Why don't we just go to bed?

With all the problems in the world
I'd rather be making love instead.
I'd rather be making love.
You're in my bed.
Making love making love Baby
In my bed. So beautiful.
In my bed, Baby, in my bed.

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