Wake Up June

Story Behind The Song

True story. She didn't think I could be the dating type until she got to know me better.

Song Description

Fun Upbeat song about a girl not liking a guy and the guy is asking the girl to realize he's the one.

Song Length 2:56 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Stressed Subject Heartbreak, Lost Love
Similar Artists Cake, Weezer Language English
Era 2000 and later


I couldn?t believe the fact that you can?t remember.
I poured my heart on the floor. I laid it all on the line.
I wish I could I wish I would, but I don?t think I should.
I wanted you. I wanted you. I wanted you to want me too, like I wanted you, but that?s just not you.

So wake up June, I never thought I?d be without you!
But now I got a hole in the wall and my head is surely aching! x2

You used to say that we could be good friends. I?d rather get shot in the head!
I needed you. I needed you. I needed you to need me too.
Well there?s one thing that I know, that wherever you live or wherever you go there?s things that you won?t understand right away so take a mental note and wake up

So wake up! So wake up! So wake up June! x2
Ooh I lie awake at night just thinking about a time with peace of mind when you would still be mine and I?m not going to let you go!

Lyrics Willie Herath Music Willie Herath
Producer Willie Herath
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