So Perfect

Song Description

Fast edgy song about how the most perfect looking girls/women and the most dangerous and the worst to be in a relationship with.

Song Length 2:35 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Restless Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Girlfriend, Wife
Similar Artists Cake, Weezer Language English
Era 2000 and later


So perfect, so perfect oh... oh yeah!
So perfect, too perfect. She?s so dangerous can never get enough.
She?ll rip my heart right out and stomp it on the floor,
but come on sugar and give me just a little more!
Said baby girl, we both know that you?re out of sight!
So please don?t stand, stand me up again tonight! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

You?re that type of girl, the kind that likes to walk on me.
You?re that type of girl, it?s kind of hard for me to see!
You?re that type of girl, girl, girl, girl!!!!

I can?t resist because I know you hate me.
And why I try will always be a mystery.
One more day and I think I?m still in love with you!

Lyrics Willie Herath & Gavin Beasley Music Willie Herath
Producer Willie Herath
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