should have been gone.

Story Behind The Song

Thinking back over the years of living kind of wild during my teens and twenties and how through no fault of mine I've lived as long as I have. There have been numerous close calls and near misses in my life so I think someone has been looking out for me during this long period of time.

Song Description

Thinking back over the years and remembering how I mistreated myself and many others because I believed that I'd die young so I lived hard and fast.

Song Length 4:53 Genre Country - Religious, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Content Subject Existence, Regret
Language English Era 2000 and later


Should have been gone. By Alan J. Blyth June 10, 2004

I was young and foolish then
I thought that I would soon come to an early end.
Sure I was that I?d soon die
And never be around to age or love or cry my friend.

Wasting time on a fool?s game.
Turning high my life?s? flame.
To my surprise I?ve lived a very long long time now.
Should have been dead, should have been gone many years ago.
Guardian angel worked ever so hard for me
Time and again saving my soul when I fell too low.

Now the aches are in my bones
Penance for how little care I?d ever shown.
Not just for myself alone but many more
I hurt so bad from all the pain I?ve sown.

Forgive me for the damage done
When I thought of no one else except just me.
Should have realized dear lord
That you?re the only one who knows my final destiny.
I pray with you I?ll be
Throughout eternity.

Lyrics Alan J. Blyth Music Alan J. Blyth c/w Yamaha keyboard
Producer Alan J. Blyth
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