Close Proximity

Story Behind The Song

comic book characters in Proximity Effect

Song Description

young woman needs power from a young man who is a conduit but cannot use it himself. Power needed to fight the bad guys so she is asking him to help her.

Song Length 4:59 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - New Wave
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Welcoming Subject Justice, Friendship
Similar Artists Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart Language English
Era 2000 and later


Close Proximity by Alan J. Blyth 2004

When I sing and play my music scores up on the bright lit stage
It?s hard to see the audience, reactions hard to gauge.
But when you are near then my body feels very toned and beautiful.
Power surges through me and I feel so strong and invincible
And then I know somehow you?re responsible
Because my power fades when you leave, you?re no longer here
Near to me, in proximity.

I know exactly what I want to be
When you?re not in my vicinity.
I sing and play while dancing in the light array.
I sing with passion from my heart within
I say with song that right will win
That evil can?t succeed, it?s just that way
Love is strong
Evil, so wrong.

Then you come near and almost instantly
I feel a surge, great energy
Blow through my veins and to my very soul, hey, hey.
Inside I know that when you?re near to me
I fear no man, no enemy
I feel that I can change the world today.

Let evil ones? beware
They?d better move with care
No matter where you hide I?ll find you there.
I have the special needs to fight the evil ones
I draw the power I need from you as from the sun

Stay by me I need your energy against fists, knives and guns
Together we can do some good to fight these evil ones.
I will protect you if you stay here right at my side and help me.
More than friends can we be as we spend time in close company
Effects that change everything you?ll see
Some powers of good in the world are we
So you see we must have
Close proximity

The world needs all the help that we can give
To right the wrongs of evil men
So let?s lend a helpful hand now and then
So stay here by my side and be my friend.
So stay here by my side my new best friend.

Lyrics Alan J. Blyth Music Alan J. Blyth
Producer Alan J. Blyth Publisher Alan J. Blyth
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