Song Description

Breakup and angry type song about man cheating on girlfriend and she refers to him as a "Playboy"

Song Length 3:55 Genre Electronic - Dance, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled, Heated Subject Regret, Breaking Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


First Verse
Girl, He Acts Kinda Of Shy
He'll Play You For A Fool
He's Not The Kinda Guy
That Tells You The Truth
He Comes On Sorta Sweet
He Thinks He's Cool
He'll Tell You His Dreams
Then He'll Cheat On You

He's Just A Playboy (Playboy...background vocals)
Don't Listen To His Lies
He'll Treat You Like A Playtoy
Cut You Down To Size
He's Just A Playboy (Playboy...background vocals)
Who Never Tells The Truth
He'll Love You Up
And Then He'll Cheat On You
He's Just A Playboy

2nd Verse
Girl, I Believed Every Word
That Came Out His Mouth
But Low And Behold
He Was Sneakin' Around
His Love Had Me High
He Seemed Like Mr Perfect
Soon I Saw It Was All A Lie

Repeat Chorus

3rd Verse
Girl, He Told Me This Time He'd Really Try
But When All Said And Done...
He Only Made Me Cry
He's The Kinda Man That Will...
Break Your Beating Heart
He's Got You In His Hands...
And You Know It From The Start

Girl I'm Warning You
He's No Good
He's Not the Kinda Guy
You Want In Your Life
He'll Never Change
No Matter What You Say
He's Just A PLayboy
A Low Down Dirty Playboy

Repeat Chorus 2 Times

Ooooh Playboy
He's Just A Playboy
Ooooh Playboy
Ooooh Playboy
Ooooh Playboy
He'll Treat You Like A PLaytoy
He's Just A Playboy
He'll Love You Up
Then He'll Cheat On You

Lyrics William J Brennan Music William J Brennan
Performance Bill E.B. Good feat Fem Fetale`

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