You Sure Look Good on Paper

Story Behind The Song

The idea for this came to me while looking at plans for something. The person responsible for the plans kept saying how good everything looked on paper, and it made me think that there are people like that. They look good on paper but....

Song Description

How many guys have been with a woman who looks great and makes them feel good about having this gorgeous person beside them, only to find that this gorgeous person is really rather self-centered and shallow. This type of woman look great and photographs well but because they really have no personality they turn out to be not much fun. Yeah they look good on paper, but most of them a hard hearted.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated, Annoyed Subject General, Pride
Language English


You Sure Look Good On Paper

A hundred million hearts out there
Lots of fools who wouldn?t care
Why did you have to pick on me
A hundred thousand wannabes
Hangers on who?d beg you please
Crush my heart just leave my eyes

Cause you sure look good on paper love
Where no one knows the beauty of
The hard and bitter mouth that smiles so sweet
Your photographs are awfully stunning
But seeing you sets me to running
Your heart?s a glacier no love can heat

You picked me up then slammed me down
Smiled for the flash then flashed a frown
I wish you were your picture babe
Cause looking at you brings me cheer
But thinking of you instills fear
Is this some kind of sport for you

Repeat Chorus

Half instrumental chorus

Your perfect hips and upper talents
Hide so well that you?re unbalanced
I wish I?d never laid eyes on you

Then came the day you cut me loose
Kicked me off the trains caboose
I should?ve seen through the wicked grin
You engineered your use of me
Laid it all out carefully
And here I stand a shame faced fool

Repeat Chorus:

Lyrics Warren J. Wagner Music Warren J. Wagner
Producer Warren J. Wagner Performance Warren J. Wagner
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