Did She Love You

Story Behind The Song

I knew a man who fell in love with an aquaintance of mine. She married someone else but he continued to love her for many years. During a car trip this song came up -- I switched the genders of the protaganists.

Song Description

This is a story of a wo/man who left his/her lover long ago and wakes up one day to realize that this woman was the love of his/her life. Improbably (maybe) the woman has never ceased loving him/her.

Song Length 4:30 Genre Folk - Rock
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Tranquil Subject Lost Love, Making Up
Similar Artists Linda Ronstadt, Jewel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love has a mind of its own
It can leave you awake nights
And sometimes it just leaves you alone
Then it comes back unexpected in a thousand different waves
But I bet you never dreamed it would come back to you this way
You left her long ago; now you're looking back
And in your heart there is a question you shouldn't need to ask

Did she love you
And when she dreams - does she wake up reaching for a face
Lost again - evaporated in the night
Does she find herself at times staring into other eyes
To see a look familiar there
Like reflections of a clear blue sky

Did she love you
And in the rain - does she stand at windows looking out
Feel the thunder in the clouds - echoing a promise never made

How could you have known all those years ago
If she loved you
Did she love you
Did she love you

Did she love you
And would she laugh - if after all the dreams seem to slip away
Reaching in the night she wakes to find one lovely dream remains

How could she have known all those years ago
She would love you - always love you

Lyrics Valerie JanLois Music Valerie JanLois
Producer Valerie JanLois / Bond Bergland / Gawain Mathews Publisher White Jet
Performance Valerie JanLois Label Curly Red Records

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