Remote Control

Song Description

Kooky. Eerie.

Song Length 2:09 Genre Unique - General, World - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject Attracted, Crush, General
Similar Artists Cyndi Lauper Language English


Walking with a man on the boulevard
Sustaining flow of conversation -
Not very hard
Just a nice, easy pace, arm in arm
He could become important to me
We decide to take lunch in a little cafe
Waiter is pouring the tea
When suddenly somebody flicks a switch
Overriding my circuitry

I'm on remote remote remote
I'm on remote control
I'm on remote remote remote
I'm on remote control

Later in the night
Air traffic's stilled
Will he come up to the apartment
I think he will
Just an elevator ride
I get a chill
Anticipation comes over me
Once at the door we both want to feel
I could be the lock to his key
When suddenly somebody scrambles the code
Reinforcing security

I'm on remote remote remote
I'm on remote control
I'm on remote remote remote
I'm on remote control
An, call the doctor
I'm on remote control

Lyrics Valerie JanLois Music Valerie JanLois
Producer Valerie JanLois Publisher White Jet Music
Performance Valerie JanLois, vocal; Gawain Mathews, guitars; Dave Tweedie, drums; Jon Evans, bass; Karl Perazzo, percussion; Julie Wolf, glock, piano; Rich Armstrong, trumpet, trombone
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