For Spacious Skies

Story Behind The Song

How 911 changed the way we should look at the World

Song Description

What 911 really means

Song Length 4:29 Genre Country - General, Unique - Patriotic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Disturbed Subject Patriotic, Freedom
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For Spacious Skies by Matt Welch

For spacious skies have been changed
But they are still blue
And purple mountain's majesties
Still shine through
The amber waves of grain
Stand strong against the wind
For spacious skies have been changed
But our freedom still reigns

For each one of the thousands lost
A million tears have been wept
And now that they have paid the cost
Their promise of freedom must be kept
We must make sure that not
One of them died in vain
For spacious skies have been changed
We must change them back again

So far away and safe from harm
Now our land faces the test
We must unite with one loud voice
And we must never rest
We must seek out and stop the evil
Or just stand and watch our freedom die
For spacious skies have been changed
But Old Glory still flies

If just one more should be lost
In our battle in which we're just
With all we've lost one more's too much
So in you God we trust
Help us see our way clear
To a clear and swift end
For our spacious skies they must never
Be changed by no one ever again

Lyrics Matt Welch Music Matt Welch
Producer Matt Welch Publisher Matt Welch
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