A Note On The Table

Story Behind The Song

I found a note on the table

Song Description

Workin man comes home to empty house, thinks the worst but has happy ending.

Song Length 4:27 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Regret, Marriage
Similar Artists Willie Nelson, Jon Anderson Language English
Era 2000 and later


"A Note On The Table"
by: Matt Welch

There's a note on the table
On the outside is my name
I just got in from work late
That makes ten days in a row, again
I spend all my time workin
Towards a better way of life
Now there's a note on table
It's to me, it's from my wife

Well there's a note on the table
Staring right back up at me
I just ain't brave enough to read it
Afraid to see what I know I'm gonna see
It's gonna start with I love you
But surely end up I just can't live this way
Well there's a note on the table
Guess I should've came home early, today

All the workin's finally paid off
I now have all we dreamed of
But this better way of livin
Won't mean a thing without her love
I guess a woman needs her man to hold
Even when the bills are due
There's a note on the table
I know it says, I'm leavin you

Now there's a car in the driveway
It's the one I bought her it's shiny black
Says she's been down to the grocer
But left a note to say she'd be right back
Says she knows I've been workin real hard
She wanted to fix me somethin nice
She left a note on the table
It's signed I love you
Says she even kissed it twice

Well there's a note on my table......

Lyrics Matt welch Music Matt Welch
Producer Matt Welch Publisher Matt Welch
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