Not Proud (to be American)

Story Behind The Song

American people have been softened to the idea of killing because it doesn't happen any where around them, except in the movies. Even Bruce WIllis said he would go fight. This is insesitivity and murder to punish ANOTHER country (remember Afganastan ?) instead of the Terrorists who Have No Countries. There was ANOTHER MOTIVE to Start THIS War. Those people didn't have ANY Means to Harm the USA. AND THERE IS STILL NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION to be found EXCEPT FOR THE ONES THE US ARMY USED TO DESTROY EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE BAD GUY AND HIS SONS, WHO WERE OUT FOR A PHOTO SHOOT THE OTHER DAY

Song Description

Thought provoking look at the Stupid actions of our American Leader. Boasting and Spouting off like he is speaking for God, while all along, he has the Opposite Attitude of Christ. But the country bought it, and we're Big Bad Americans.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Anxious Subject Rabbits, General
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Language English
Era 2000 and later


Soldiers with guns are headed for the airport and its worrying me
We're gonna start a war with another land, somewhere far across the sea
They didn't choose their parents, they didn't choose their country, at the time of their birth
They didn't get to choose their color or their race, for all that its worth
So give a little thought to the rhyme and the reason, wer're gonna Trash their land,
And it rips me apart but its straight from my heart, I'm not proud to be American
I'm no longer proud to be American
They do to work and they come home in the evening, spend time with family and friends
And by the Grace of God, you know tomorrow, they hope to do it again
And they may seem funny or they may seem strange or maybe you dont even care, But when they send their soldiers to do their killing, those are Real People dying over there.
And if OUR Leader's preaching hatred and terror,then his god can't be true
And I'm asking you to use a little bit of common sense to to see that he's lying to you
And let them be, Let those people be
And we're not hte chosen ones, We're not the world's policemen, so the only reason we're gonna take them down is cause we're big bad Americans
And I wonder who our leader's talking to when he's spouting off that way,
Then he sends his soldiers off to kill, to him it's just another day,
Let them be, Lets those people be
Well I never met a good man living on earth, but for a while some fooled me
Cause everyone?s a sinner and no one?s a saint, You know hardly anyone can see
That the body you?ve been given is a temporary home with the real person living inside
And it comes with it?s own built in conscience, Man you know wrong from right
Now do you blame those people, that country, or that race, For what?s happened to you
Aren?t you getting tired of hearing those lies, Or do you think its really true
bridge 2
And if we?re the chosen ones, on the way to the promised land
Don?t you think there?s a better way, than to show up with a gun inour hand
Our message should be peace and love, Not terror, killing and hate
Eveybody knows what you?re trying to do, its all about oil anyway,
Let them be, let those people be

Well I really love my family and my country, And I thank the ones before me
But there?s no way we can start a war and then expect to live in peace
So let them be let them be, Those are real people just like you and me
They Never threatened us, They have no navy, No missles that can reach our land
So I guess we?re gonna have to take them down, Cause wer?re big bad Americans
I?m Not Proud to be American

Lyrics Thomas James Richarson Music Thomas James Richardson
Producer Thomas James RIchardson Publisher Thomas James Richardson
Performance Thomas James RIchardson Label Richardson Rocks
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