Judgement Day

Story Behind The Song

I struggled with What Must I DO to be Saved. I was led by men of Many Denominations to Prove my Faith by my Works. They didn't Even Know Truth or have Faith, and it took me a long time to realize they were just out for money and pride and position. If you read the "So called Gospels" of Jesus on earth and No one teaches you that Jesus is speaking to Israel as their Messiah, At That Time, you will ALWAYS fall short of doing the Works, and you will have to TWIST them around and Justify yourself to feel okay, and this doesn't work. BUT IF you Realize Christ Kept Teaching AFTER He went back to heaven, and Chose Paul - and Paul taught Christianity is Believing Christ died for your sins, was buried and came alive again - God's happy with that and wants You to believe it - That is Salvation, Assurance, Knowing WHY Christ died. That is Love That is Forgiveness That is AMAZING GRACE - You didn't do it - God Did it - and that's what Martin Luther (and me too) Finally Realized after years of Repenting and Begging and Working - he then read Romans and saw that it is a GIFT OF GOD - Not Works - Can't Earn It, Don't Deserve It, But God Is Trying to Save You, He won't force you, He doesn't damn you, you have Free Will. You just need to Hear It Correctly - Stop Listening to Preachers and Read it for yourself in the Church Letters. Then You'll NEVER FACE JUDGEMENT DAY - WHY ? Jesus faced it For You on the Cross. Your sins are GONE FOREVER - and when you realize this you too will HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE. No one needs to tell you what to do next. You will Tell anyone who listens "CHRIST TOOK MY SINS AWAY" You'll be SO SURPRISED and YOU WILL KNOW - you just got Enlightened, not by works - like ALL Religion preaches, but by Understanding God's Love and Forgiveness. This is What Makes TRUE CHRISTIANITY so Different from any religion. No one Can Boast about Anything they've done.

Song Description

If you read the Church Letters you will see what Martin Luther saw, and what I saw - Christianity is a GIFT - the Beginning of it is Knowing You Are Saved From Judgment. There is Nothing To Do To Prove it - It is Ripleys - Believe it or Not - based on the Love of God - the Sacrifice of Christ FOR YOU - this is What God honors. Not Good Works, because All Religious works just make you realize you could have done more. Why did Christ have to die IF You now have to do something too ? Do you See ? All God Wants is For YOU to Belive Chirst took care of you on that Cross. People use Religion and works as they Masqurade as "Preachers" and make you do things Their Way, and cause Division and Even Wars like Bush and Bin Laden do. Both are False Preachers. They will Both Face the Judgment and say "God, look what I did for You. I killed the Evil ones" and God will say "You didn't belive in Christ's Work. You are Not the One Who Judges Good and Evil. You are Both Evil, just like Everyone on the Planet. You mixed Religion with Politics. Your works were motivated by Pride and Hate and Greed - GO TO HELL - the Lake of Fire-" THAT IS JUDGMENT DAY. But Christians will NEVER Face this. They have been Forgiven, Because Chirst Took That Punishment for Believers. Simple, AWESOME, Wonderful, AMAZING.

Song Length 4:07 Genre Unique - Avant garde, Rap - Religious
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Ecstatic Subject Judgement, Hope
Language English Era 2000 and later


One day, I actually understood, that I was bad, not really that good, My life was a mess, it was full of sin, If there was a Heaven, I'd never get in, Never get in
Then I turned to different part of the Book, I was so surprised when I had to take another look, I knew what Martin Luther felt that day, God just wants Faith
God made Christ to be sin, so I could be Righteus, live with Him, Jesus is the One Who Paid, He did the good works and I got saved, by Faith
The sad part is, it took so long, the things they told me man, they were so wrong, they said, look like this, sing like that, prove it to us brother, we know where it's at, They Never mentioned Faith
God made Christ to be sin, so I could live forever with Him, And I'll never ever have to pay, I don't fear Judgement Day, No, Talk about No Fear/
So many people working for their Salvation, so many split and divide, so many think they're so righteous, come on join our side, they mix religion with politics, they say we're the good guys, they're the bad guys, Story Is, we're ALL sinners, and Only Sinners can get Saved, and all the righeous people face Judgment Day
OW Judgement Day, the books will be opened, you'll be Judged by those works, and you're gonna burn in the Lake of Fire, cause you didn't have Faith/
People told me the stupidest thing, maybe you're not a chosen one, maybe you did the unpardonable, and I fretted and I cried and I prayed, and One day I understood something called GRACE, greater than all sin, ha, those Liars didn't want to let me in, but they weren't going anyway, they didn't understand the Difference between Works and Faith, and you know what it says ? those judged by their works end up in the lake of fire, and the devil looks like and angel of light when he stands in the pulpet, and he doesn't tell you that All God Wants is FATIH. God made Christ to be sin for us so we could be righteous with God, Belive it or Not.

Lyrics Thomas James Richardson Music Thomas James Richardson
Producer Thomas James Richardson Publisher Thomas James Richardson
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