Letter To My Enemy

Story Behind The Song

9-11 and terrorists belong to NO Country. I hope that I could write a song that Might reach some of them who are being Brain Washed into Evil Acts and Self Destruction, If they would just think that I'm not so different from You. People all over the world just want to live and have a family and catch their dreams. Big Governments and Evil Rich Boys ALWAYS Mess things up and the little people, Normal Every Day People pay the Price. Terror is Not the Answer. Suiside is NOT the answer.

Song Description

Soldiers started guarding American Airports after 9-11. Some Self Appointed Executioner declared war on the USA. I don't understand why. I just go to work and try to live, don't they ? Why blame me for things I didn't do. no one is perfect. If you're so special, why are your people starving and children eating sand ? Better figure out who you're listening to because you'll end up in the flames. I love America because it ensures me the rights that God guarantees for every man

Song Length 4:05 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Anxious Subject Rabbits, Infinity
Similar Artists Simon & Garfunkel, Fiona Apple Language English
Era 2000 and later



I wrote a letter to my enemy, telling him how I feel about this war,
But I don?t know how to get it to him, so I put it in this song, hoping that he might hear it
Soldiers with guns are walking through the airports, and its worrying me
There?s a man somewhere halfway round the world, doesn?t like the fact that I?m free.
Well I didn?t choose my parents or my country at the time of my birth
I didn?t get to choose my color or my race, for all that its worth
But I gave a little thought to the rhyme and the reason that made us such a great land
And I?ve come to conclude that my country guarantees the right God gives to every man
To be free - so free -
verse 2
Well I go to work and I come home in the evening and spend time with family and friends
And by the grace of God you know tomorrow I hope to do it again
And though you look kinda? funny with those shaggy beards and the things you wear on your hair
I can?t help thinking maybe you?re a lot like me, way over there.
But if your leader?s preaching hatred and terror, then his god can?t be true
And I?m asking you to use a little bit of common sense, to see that he?s using you
Cause you?re not free - You?re not free
And We?re not the chosen ones, and this ain?t no promised land
And the only reason that you hate me so, is because I?m American
But I wonder who you leader?s talking to, when he?s bowing down all day
And then he sends you off to your death, while he hides out in some cave
That should never be, that should never be
verse 3
Well I never met a good man living on earth, but for a while some fooled me
Cause everyone?s a sinner and no one?s a saint, and hardly any one can see
That the body you?ve been given is a temporary home with the real person living inside
And it comes with its own built in conscience, man, you know wrong from right
Now do you blame my country, or my color or my race for what?s happened to you?
I?m really getting tired of hearing those lies, but you know I once believed them too
bridge 2
And if you?re the chosen ones, on the way to the promised land
How come your leader has millions stashed away, and your children are still eating sand
You?re message should be peace and love, not terror, killing and hate
You better figure out who you?re listening to before you end up in the flames
You?re not free- you?re not free
verse 4
Well I really love my family and my country and I thank the ones before me
But we don?t all have to think the same thing, and we can still live in peace
And the moral of the story is a simple one, be careful of what you believe
Cause the enemy called pride quickly gets inside, and oh how he loves to deceive
And I?ll tell you the reason that I wrote you this letter, I fear that you?ve lost your way
But I?m hoping and wishing and praying and dreaming that you could be like us some day
Cause we?re free, so free
And that?s what my country America, guarantees to me, to be free
And that?s no reason at all for you to hate me
I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and what it stands for
A land that guarantees my God given rights:
Life, Liberty, Justice, Equality and Freedom !
And that?s why God blessed America !

Lyrics and melody by THOMAS JAMES ?Trash Guitar? RICHARDSON
┬ęCopyright 2002 - Thomas James Richardson
All rights reserved
Published by KaT Publishing

Lyrics Thomas James Richarson Music Thomas James Richardson
Producer Steve Benford Publisher Thomas James Richardson
Performance Thomas James RIchardson Label Richardson Rocks
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