Free Man

Story Behind The Song

I worked in a factory where I met people of Many races and places. Too many times people told me I had it made because I was white. They didn't realize We All Have it made in America. People come here from so many lands TO BE FREE MEN. And Many Americans DIED to make us and keep us free. Do you know How Many People Died To Make Us American.

Song Description

Song starts with Part of the National Anthem, comvers 9-11, tells us We're Free Men and Women, Goes on to descrbe several races I see walking around and Why they came here. Then goes into Encourging people to Try. No Body Owes you when you Alread Live In A Free Land. America is Great. Wake Up. Quit Crying and start Trying. Make Your Own Life.

Song Length 4:37 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Delighted Subject Earth, Infinity
Similar Artists Beck, Billy Joel Language English
Era 2000 and later



verse 1
September 11 the towers came tumbling down
We never thought such a horrible thing could happen in one of our towns
It really didn?t matter if your ancestors were free or slaves
It didn?t matter if they were already here drawing pictures on the walls of the caves
The last thing anyone needed was a lesson in history
Cause we just got jet propelled into the 21st century
And we?re Free Men in a Free Land American
I saw you had a need and I lent you my hand
And there?s no doubt that I?d do it again
Cause that?s what we do in a Free Land, We?re American
verse 2
I see a lot of Russians, and I wonder what they?re doin' here
Did they run out of vodka and have to switch to American beer?
There?s Arabs, Hindis and Asians, From Bagdad to Xanadu
Are they just sneaking bacon double cheese burgers in the late night drive thru?
And so many Mexicans, did they get lost taking a swim?
Hell No, They were just sick and tired of the land they were living in
And they wanted to be Free Men in a Free Land, American
We saw they had a need and we lent them our hand
And there?s no doubt that we?d do it again
And now they?re Free Men in a Free Land, American
A M E R I C A N, You know this country don?t end in Stan
And we got some mighty fine Women, We?re American
And just like that little train that?s chuggin' up the hill
Good things can take some time, you gotta' push your stubborn will
Nobody owes You Nothing, Man, You?re Living In A Free Land
Do you know how many people died, to make you American?
You?re a Free Man in a Free Land, American
Are you gonna' cry or get a piece of the pie
Don?t just whine when you can wine and dine
This Land is Your Land This Land is Mine, We?re American
Don't ask what your country can do for you, Look what you've got Man !
Nobody owes you nothing man, You?re already livin' in a Free Land
So many people gave their lives, For the hopes and the dreams of those who survived
(You?re a Free Man, In a Free Land..... etc)
You're a Free Man, In a Free Land, American
Lyrics and melody by THOMAS JAMES ?Trash Guitar? RICHARDSON
┬ęCopyright 2002 - Thomas James Richardson
All rights reserved
Published by KaT Publishing

Lyrics Thomas James Richardson Music Thomas James Richardson
Producer Steve Benford Publisher Thomas James Richardson
Performance Thomas James RIchardson Label Richardson Rocks
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