Camera In The Sky

Story Behind The Song

I don't belive in evolution. I think man was made by God about 6,000 years ago. The only things evolving are the obsession with greed, hatred and better technology to kill each other off. The minute you die, you'll have to go Somewhere. Do you Know Where You are going ? Are You Ready ?

Song Description

Looking for an answer to scientific claims of evolution. Look up and Ask Why am I here. Who is up there. You cant' get away with anything even though you think you are. Everything is being recorded. Some day you'll answer to the Great Director. The minute you leave your body, your fortune, your fame, you'll meet your Maker. Are you ready ? Lights, camera, Action.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cross, Tense Subject Infinity, Politician
Similar Artists David Bowie, Elvis Costello Language English
Era 2000 and later


Camera in the Sky

There?s a camera in the sky
All seeing, All knowing, Private Eye
You?re being recorded, By the camera in the sky

Ever Since the scientists told me, My ancestors crawled up out of the sea
I knew there was something else, In this life, Somebody must a made me,
I wondered why, Who?s up in the sky
The answer came back so sweetly, Everything?s all right
If you just seek to know Me my son, I?ll bring you to the light

verse 2
There?s a camera in the sky taking pictures of everything you ever do
Think you might got away with this or that or some other, But I gotta tell you
Your whole life is gonna be a movie, You?re gonna be a big star
But when you take that final curtian call, You?re gonna find out just who you are
You?re gonna meet the Great Director, The One Who made the sun and the stars
Are you ready ? Lights, Camera, Action
There?s a camera in the sky, Your life is not a mistake
Every thing is being recorded, There won?t be no retakes

Lights, Camera, Action

verse 3
Don?t listen to those fools who said we evolved, Said we we apes in earlier years
They?re just gonna be screaming, Burning with the demons, For a hundred million years
You know why, They never looked up to the sky

When you look up to the sky, You know this ain?t no accident
There?s something up there, Much more powerful, Than some puny President
Look up and wonder why

Gotta tell you friend, You Better figure it out, Before you life?s over
You got a warranty from the Manufacturer, As long as you?re breathing there?s a chance
For you to look up and say why, Who?s up there in the sky

When you leave your body, Your fortune and your fame, And you head up to the sky
You?ll meet the Great Director, You?ll see you life?s a movie, It?s too late to wonder why
You never looked up to the sky

Lyrics and melody by THOMAS JAMES ?Trash Guitar? RICHARDSON
┬ęCopyright 2003 - Thomas James Richardson
All rights reserved
Published by KaT Publishing

Lyrics Thomas James Richarson Music Thomas James Richardson
Producer Thomas James RIchardson Publisher Thomas James Richardson
Performance Thomas James RIchardson Label Richardson Rocks
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