U & I

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - Rock, Folk - Contemporary


Here's a little song i wrote
About this blue-eyed girl i know
She sings to me this lullaby
At night before i close my eyes
It's a song about this brown-eyed boy she knows
and how the love for her still grows
She keeps him in her arms with a melody that goes like

u & i we'll take our time cause things are so much better when i'm with you
and u & i can't seem to find a better reason to be together than two
That's just for me and u

We sit beneath the moonlit sky
We share this love that cannot die
As the moon pulls the ocean she pulls the teardrops from my eyes
And if i could
you know i would
Sing this song to you forever

Lyrics Tony DeSImone Music Tony DeSImone
Producer Anthony Newett

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