Song Description

A song about self destructive behavior and a plea for redemption

Song Length 4:37 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Serene Subject Addiction, Healing
Similar Artists Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton Language English
Era 2000 and later



Spending nights out on the road
Avoiding debts I owe
I keep adding to them daily just to run off once again
Drinking numbs the pain
Or at least it clouds the brain
So the liquor that'll kill me seems like a long lost friend

Seeing you caught me off guard
The time alone has been too hard
And I stumble on my words
Without a single ounce of grace
Assuming you could read
The desire and the need
In the look of desperation painted all across my face

I know what you want to hear me say
Praying that the words would set me free
You know it'll never go that way
Cause when your in the dark
Only the blind can see

Forgive me what I said
Take this broken man to bed
Cause if you don't there's no one else who will
If I can't make things right
Then I'll just say good night
Wander out into the night
Find someplace to lay my head


Please shine your light on me
Only then will I be free

Maybe the day will come
Won't be livin' on the run
Won't be looking for my fun in a bottle or a bed
With no more drugs to take
No apologies to make
And my bent on self destruction is finally laid to rest


Lyrics Mike Gladstone/Rob Smith Music Mike Gladstone/Rob Smith
Producer Mike Gladstone Publisher Tonesearch Tunes/Tuba Player Music
Performance Junkyardfieldtrip
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