Don't Wann'a Be the One

Story Behind The Song

Heading home from a 2 week drunk in Ocean City, MD; pink liquid leaking from my anus and hemmorhoids sore as a boil; feeling like I might shatter into a miilion pieces at any moment, the first line came to me : "I don't wann'a... "etc.

Song Description

White blues about someone heading down the drain, sung by a friend who wants him to turn it around

Song Length 2:17 Genre Country - Contemporary, Blues - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Change Language English
Era 2000 and later


Copyright 1992, Tom Johnson

I don?t wann?a be the one to break the news to you mother
That you died on your way back home;
You were wondrin? why people seem to hate one another,
You were findin? out on your own.
Well your stomach was empty so you went to the barroom
Just to get yourself a little drink;
Well it broke up late, but you woke up early,
And you threw up in the kitchen sink.

So you had another drink, tryin? to drown them blues,
But they just won?t leave you alone;
I don?t wann?a be the one who have to break the news
That you died on your way back home.

Now you?re so fed up with fuckin? up all over
That it makes you wann?a scream and shout;
You have tried at one thing, and you?ve tried another,
But you just can?t seem to stick it out.
You?ve been to California looking for yourself
Or a close approximation at least;
You know your whole damn life is either feast or famine,
And the famine outweighs the feast.

You?re always on the mend, seems like it never ends,
Now you?re wanderin? drunk in the streets;
I don?t wann?a be the one to have to tell your friends
That you died on your way back East.

Don?t you think it?s time you came in out of the rain,
Nobody wants to see you drown;
I know that alcohol can help to ease the pain,
But you gone a little too far down;
Psychedelics can show you things you might have never seen,
But one day you?re gonn?a find,
That to make your way along this arduous journey,
You have to learn to calm your mind.

You have to learn to sail through the things that bother you,
The troubles, the heartache and the strife;
?Cause I don?t wann?a be the one who have to tell your father
That you died on your way through life.

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