Christmas Only Makes Me Cry

Song Description

Laments loss of childhood spirit of Christmas to sadness and loneliness

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - Contemporary, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Loneliness
Language English


Tom Johnson
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?CHRISTMAS ONLY MAKES ME CRY? Copyright 1992, Tom Johnson
I remember my first Christmas
Was a time of magical young joy,
Full of mystery and wonder,
Living in the heart of a small boy.

Sitting all around the fireplace,
Listening to Grandpa read the tale
Of a visit from St. Nicholas,
Hoping Santa Claus picked up his mail
And I used to always worry ,thinkin? ?bout the kids who lived downtown
In houses without chimneys, for old Santa to come down.
Hangin? stockings on the mantle,
Listening for rooftop reindeer sounds,
Leavin? something out for Santa,
Just to help him on his rounds.

When I fin?lly lay me down to sleep,
Looking forward to the morning light,
Mama sat beside me there,
To keep me safe and whisper Silent Night.
Cast my memory back there, Lord, and my tears are like a waterfall,
And I have to wonder, if Christmas ever come at all.
Tryin to eek behind the curtain,
Like a spring about to come unwound.
All us kids was almost burstin?
Waiting for thr grown-ups to come down.

Dad was always looking sleepy,
Sittin? in his tattered old red robe.
But his smile was there to tell me,
He still had Christmas in his soul
Cast my memory back there lord, and my tears are like a waterfall,
And I have to wonder, if Christmas ever come at all.
?Cause those days are far behind me; lost my way and now I have to wonder why
I?ve become so sad and lonely, and Christmas only makes me cry.

Lyrics Tom Johnson Music Tom Johnson
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