That's All She Wrote (S.Amos &T.Dod) country

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary


Well my woman swore to me
She'd never be the one to leave
She didn't like the sound of goodbye
And so it came as quite a shock
When I rolled up and she was gone
She never even bothered to tell me why
But I knew almost right away
She'd used every word she had to say
And put it all together
In one final Dear John letter she wrote

Ciao baby, sayonara, arrivederci and au revoirr
Via condios, aloha, tata and adios
And that's all she wrote
Lord that's all she wrote

Well come to think maybe I wasn't
Exactly the kind of husband that girl might have needed me to be
After all I know I did
Go ahead and leave on that hunting trip
And two days turned out to be two weeks
When I called home she was spitting mad
Said I'd have a surprise when I got back
I thought that meant we might make up but I guess I didn't think that through enough she wrote

-repeat chorus-

bridge: I need to look on the bright side
Now I can run around all night and I can even leave the seat up
It don't matter when or if I cuss and I ain't got no honey-do's
I won't be buying her anymore shoes
That girl promised that she'd never say goodbye and she never lies
She wrote..

-repeat chorus and fade-

Tina Dod & Steve Amos

Lyrics Tina Dod & Steve Amos Music Tina Dod & Steve Amos
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