Party Like There's No Manana (T.Dod & K.Byrnes) country

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional


What's up amigo?
You're job moved to Tokyo? Mine went to Timbuktu, hey let's knock back a few like we're in Acapulco
Let's stay up 'til dawn
All we've got is time
And there's not much back home
Let's Party
Party like there's no manana
Salsa to a serenada
Bust it like an' old pinata
Let's party
Take a trip to Tijuiana
Live it up down in the Baja
Party like there's no manana

What's wrong amiga?
Your man's in Costa Rica?
He went to find himself
Took off with somebody else
That explains the tequila
Looks like the bar is closin'
We'll get more cash and gas
Keep the good times rollin'
-repeat chorus/break/chorus-

Tina Dod & Kelly Byrnes

Lyrics Tina Dod & Kelly Byrnes Music Tina Dod & Kelly Byrnes
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