Song Length 3:38 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Folk - Rock



Early In the morning and the preacher stayed in bed
His flock was all accounted and his sheep had been fed
mailed in prayers, and emarket accounts
Make for fine living and finer thread counts

Thank God Jesus saved him only 4 years ago
Before he was a fluke
Before he was a joke
But then he saw the light
The one so brilliant with hope
He turned it into diamonds with every breath thatr he spoke
And he spoke

Preacher save me now
Preacher gonna save me now
Preacher save me now

The congregation grew, from a trailer with a steeple
To a billion dollar complex and a complicated people
The judgement of the character, belief in holy spirit
They bought tickets
And more Tickets


Lyrics Gibb Droll Music Gibb Droll, Joe Hanna
Producer Joe Hanna Publisher Gibb Droll, Joe Hanna
Performance Gibb Droll, Joe Hanna

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