Forever Man

Song Length 3:52 Genre Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Wake up, get up, get out the door
Go to work on the second floor
I believe he'll take some more, of me
Momma's boy, they don't learn so fast
Got to earn what my daddy lacked
Pick me up when I get off at 3

He may never call me son
He might not think I'm the one
For you
And the life that he had planned

Ain't so easy working for the man
who raised a girl I can understand
who fills me up and says she can't be with me

cuz, I like to drink, sometimes it's true
On friday nights when my shift is through
Then I'm home, I'm home to you

He may never call me son
He might not think I'm the one
For you, and the life that he had planned
And I will do
All the things you want me to
Just to be your forever man

Monday morning, when I go to work
I'll see your father
I'll say these words
I love your daughter
She's the one for me
He'll say

Chorus 3:
I may never call you son
I might not think you're the one
for her, and the life that she had planned
But I will do, all the things you want me to
Just promise me you'll be her forever man

Forever Man

Lyrics Gibb Droll/ Joe Hanna Music Gibb Droll/ Joe Hanna
Producer Joe Hanna/ Gibb Droll Publisher Joe Hanna/Gibb Droll
Performance Joe Hanna/Gibb Droll

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