Dream Warrior

Story Behind The Song

Blackhawk War Dream

Song Description

A dream of a time long ago.

Song Length 4:42 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Dreams, Life
Language English Era 1800 - 1899


I dreamed I was a warrior on my way home
Where cold clear creeks and wild deer run
A hawk in this dream gave me vision to see
The fate of my people and what it would be.

A baby is born beneath basalt blue skies
Quite unaware of the way that he would die
The bullets will rain and the bullet will land
And young blood will flow over mountains of sand
Yes it will.

Now I see empty whiskey bottles and I hear broken words
I see cold cold reservations and massacred herds
I smell red flesh burning and I hear my mother scream
And I offer tobacco [that] this is only a dream

Earth Maker said in this warriors dream
Things are not always just what they may seem
Dance if you must and fast if you will
And gather your strength and be ready to kill.....kill

I dreamed I was a warrior of the thunder-bird clan
Son of Earth Maker and a brother to man
And I followed the Fox to the end of it's flow
To a good place to die on Winnebago
To a good place to die on Winnebago
To a good place to die.

Lyrics James Milewski Music James Milewski
Producer Gordon Kirchoff / James Milewski Performance Three Eyed Shmelts
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